About Us

Fastest growing software company in Nepal

HiTouch Solutions is a full-stack technology services company focused on providing complete IT Solutions with the best of the best designs, web and mobile applications. With the team of web & mobile enthusiasts, we offer creative and cost-effective solutions for web design and development, web-based applications and mobile applications. We believe in providing quality services to our clients all over the world.

Our goal is to make technology friendly environment, for which our whole team are working hard by new creative and innovative projects. Through various motivational and creative training programs to our employees to get their best on their task and have been continuously working on it. We provides various training and educational programs to potential candidates to get professional- ism out of them. We boost the positive and hardworking candidates to create future skilled and technology driven manpower.

Through our experience of work in today’s dynamic market have elaborated our vision on techno- logical advancement and we are extremely enthusiastic about the new technologies and be a part of work to create one.

Future oriented developments are taking place under the Collabora- tion at a global level, transparency, and development opportunities regardless of where you were born: these are the things that we get out of bed for every day. International entrepreneurship and teamwork are the things that drive us. We consider political and geographical boundaries to be insignificant as we focus only on our goal and ultimate results.

We are looking ahead to work for more companies in future on most grooming technology advancement projects like Artificial Intelligence, to expand our working areas and scopes. With our professional and healthy growing attitude we are ready to take upcoming challenges and break through every hurdles.