Nepal’s Fastest IT Service Providing Company

The world of Information Technology has always been moving in a dynamic and continuous pace. In Nepal, the number of companies that provide IT services has significantly increased in the past couple of years. With this, competition in the Nepalese IT market has gone up as well. The question arises “How can a company stand out among others?” For this, the answer lies upon the need of clients. In such a hurried and dynamic world, clients want to work with IT companies providing faster, reliable and quality services. 

Delivering products most creatively and innovatively, and in a short period of time has been the ultimate need of every client. Considering this need, a team of highly passionate members with many years of experience have founded a company named ‘HiTouch Solutions Pvt. Ltd.’ 

With an aim to shape the ideas of the client to their ultimate vision, HiTouch Solutions provides diverse services like Digital Marketing, SEO, Branding, UI/UX designing, software Design and Development. Though the company is based in multiple parts of the world namely, the United Kingdom, Australia, Dubai, and the Philippines; the major production is carried outdone in Nepal. It is located in Pulchowk, ChhyaybahalHiti, Lalitpur. 

For the most efficient software development, HiTouch Solutions has professionals who have experience of working on multiple projects with variations in programming languages. Along with this, the company opens new doors to young generations’ IT enthusiasts to help them flourish their talents. For this, the company helps youths by providing them with onsite trainings. With such a dedicated team and excellent services, HiTouch Solutions is aims to be Nepal’s leading IT company in a few years to come. 

It is definite that to conquer the major market share is not an easy target. All IT companies thrive for this ambition. But excelling every other IT company, HiTouch Solutions has successfully achieved what other dreams of. Putting an extra effort on every activity done by the company and working in a family-like team has made this possible.

Let’s check out the best features of HiTouch Solutions that make the company outstand from every other IT company. 


Coding is a must in every IT company as coding is the heart of every software. Every IT company does it but HiTouch Solutions takes coding to the next level with the help of highly experienced and creative coders. Codes are used most optimally to make the software reliable and easy to maintain. Coders in HiTouch refer to coding as a game they play around to have fun. Such dedications are less likely to be seen in coders these days. 

Professional software

While most software companies only focus on coding, HiTouch Solutions focuses on coding and develop professional software as well. It requires a team of highly knowledgeable coders. This additional service has differentiated the company from others as not many companies tend to build professional quality software. Because of this, clients are allured towards the company. 

Technology friendly environment

HiTouch Solutions has set its goal to make a technology-friendly environment. In order to create such an environment, the company mainly focuses on creative and innovative projects. To support the team, the company focuses to provide creative training programs. Likewise, motivational programs are also provided to every employee to keep everyone feels motivated towards work. All such activities have been targeted to meet the goal of the company and the employee side by side. 

Advanced Technologies

Tackling the dynamic market in today’s world is the most challenging task to do. With outdated technologies, it is pretty much impossible to stay in the market. So, HiTouch Solutions always separates time to Research so as to be up-to-date with new technologies. The company is also motivated to work with others in collaborative terms in order to generate better results. 

Future-oriented developments

HiTouch Solutions has been collaborating at a global level to carry out future-oriented developments. The company aims to work on the international level as well by focusing on entrepreneurship. Teamwork has made the company more confident to focus on their goal and expand their hands globally without fearing the geographical boundaries and political boundaries. 

E-commerce Sites

The presence of E-commerce sites in HiTouch Solutions has been helping to create new employment opportunities and promote local businesses. Some e-commerce sites handled by HiTouch Solutions include,, which are among the top-rated e-commerce sites build by the company. 

Expansion of working areas

While most companies have been stuck on their day-to-day ongoing activities, HiTouch Solutions has been targeting to expand its working areas. As the ambition of the company is to go beyond the border, expanding the market areas as we all working sector is key to the HiTouch team. With the expansion, hurdles are sure to increase but the company is determined to tackle every challenge. 

Positive Working Attitude

Every company desire to have employees with a positive working attitude. This keeps the company to grow healthily. HiTouch Solutions is blessed with such positive working attitude employees where they have a bond of a family within the company. This drive of passion and togetherness has geared up the company’s will to outperform all of the competitors. 

Value to Client’s business

Most companies are more focused on meeting their goal. But it is also important to keep the clients satisfied. After all, unless clients are not well satisfied, a company cannot sustain it for a long time. It is equally important to provide value to the client’s business through the company’s work. When the company can keep the clients happy, there are more chances of word-of-mouth advertisement. HiTouch Solutions has always been believing in client satisfaction and providing the best value to the client. 

Another way to achieve a fast working pace is to have a proper plan for the development process. It helps to know the complete software development framework. This creates smooth working procedures and having a plan is always an upper-hand. HiTouch Solutions has adopted the iterative development model of software development which includes:

  • Development and Planning
  • Designing
  • Production
  • Testing and Feedback
  • Launch and project completion
  • Maintenance and Support 

With such a motivated and dedicated team combined with a clear goal of the company, HiTouch Solutions can be the IT partner for clients who want faster and most reliable service at optimal cost.